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Swarovski Drops Of Light By Keratin Bonding

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  • The (2002 NPK) "Drops of Light" Line of Hair Extensions enhance the beauty of the Hair with charm and elegance. Easily applicable thanks to the Hair Extension's practical method of keratin bonding.

The rhinestones add sparkling effects of light that give the illusion of radiance and luminosity to the Hair reminiscent of the Swarovski crystals of which they are crafted.

Single Packages

  • 001 Crystal
  • 101 Aurora Boreale
  • 202 Aquamarine
  • 203 Topaz
  • 206 Sapphire
  • 215 Black Diamond
  • 220 Brown
  • 227 Light Siam
  • 229 Green
  • 502 Fuchsia
  • 539 Tanzanite
  • 542 Padparadscha