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Cold Fusion Ultra-Sound Technology Machine

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Cold Fusion Ultra-Sound Technology is the new Ultrasonic Machine for the
Application of Hair Extensions Exclusively produced by Euro So.Cap. that makes use of
the innovative cold technology, reducing the time of application as well as being more
gentle to the hair of the client.
Its new molding applicator shaped like a gun makes the process of the installation of
the hair extensions quick and easy by avoiding to mold the keratin with your fingers,
it's all in one easy step. It is designed to be used by right handed or left handed stylist
and its ergonomic grip adjust very well to contour of your hand.
Precision, effectiveness and speed are the best adjectives best used to describe this
machine, it will help increase the amount of clientele to any stylist chair by reducing
the amount it takes to do a full application.



  • disassembly pincers
  • remover
  • 10 locks in natural hair
  • natural Colors ring
  • Professional pincers
  • didactic DVD for self-learming
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Cold Fusion