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SeiSeta & Euro So.Cap Hair Extensions the leader in the field of 100% natural Indian Temple Remy Hair Extensions manufactured in Italy.
SeiSeta & Euro So.Cap Hair Extensions has chosen to use only pure Indian hair since its characteristics and structural properties perfectly complement European hair providing the best Hair Extensions quality in the market. Before importing the hair utilized for our Hair Extensions, SeiSeta &  Euro So.Cap's hair undergoes a series of strict quality control procedures and a detailed selection process.
This is essential to achieve an impeccable finished Organic product.

SeiSeta &  Euro So.Cap has held a distinguished presence in the Hair Extensions field over 40 years and continues to innovate the market to this day.

Hair Extensions with Keratin bonding
Deluxe (Double-Drawn) Hair Extension Line
The Deluxe Double Drawn System is characterized as a superior system creating this luxury product.
Within every bond, the hair has the same length from the root to the ends. With our exclusive "V" shaped bond specifically designed for use with our Cold Fusion Ultra Sound Technology Machine. The Deluxe lock is available in 3 lengths: 16, 20 and 24 inches and in the following Euro So.Cap. colors: 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 27, DB4, DB2, 20, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 32, 35, 12/DB2, 18/24, 8/26, 140, 27/140.

Classic (Single-Drawn) Hair Extension Line
Curly Hair Extension Line
Shatush (Ombre) Hair Extension Line
Crazy Color Hair Extension Line
Classic Line (Single Drawn) Hair Extension Line
Created by 100% human hair, gained directly from the cut of the typical Indian plait. This system is characterized by hair of different lengths inside the same lock and it's usually referred to as Single Drawn System, giving the extensions a natural pointed shape. This structure compliments the hair's natural look and allows for a more uniform extension, with no need to interfere with aimed cuts. That is the reason it was christened Classic Line. The Classic Line is available in all colors of the SeiSeta & Euro So.Cap. color chart and in four different sizes:12/14,16/18, 20/22 and 24/26 inches in all Euro So. Cap colors. With our exclusive "V" shaped bond specifically designed for use with our Cold Fusion Ultra Sound Technology Machine.

Sticker Hair Extension Line (Tape-In)
Sticker Hair Extensions (tape-in) allows for a quick and almost imperceptible application with reusable Hair Extensions. The sticker hair is one of the most innovative systems of application of Hair Extensions that allows you to make a complete extension in just 20 minutes without using any specific machines. Sticker Hair Extension locks are held together in an ultrathin band of 0,60 inches wide and 0.35 inches of double-sided tape. Sticker Hair Extensions are reusable up to three time by just replacing the worn tape.
The Sticker ( Tape-In) Hair Extensions Line is available in all SeiSeta & Euro So.Cap colors, in 3 lengths: 12/14, 16/18 and 20/22 inches. Unique Micro-mesh bond that can be cut to any desired size, avoid shedding, re-use multiple times, double or single sided tape can be used for maximum flexibility, natural product that acts like your own natural hair; curl it, style it, for best results use our Silk System line.

Flat Ring-On (i-tip) Hair Extension Line
Flat Ring-On is the latest, innovative application system by Euro So.Cap. 
The Flat Ring-On Hair Extensions Line are a flat and flexible application with a durable micro mesh for a wider coverage. Applied just like Ring-On (I-Tip) Extensions, using Aluminium Coloured Rings for a perfect final result and also reusable up to three times and will last up to 3 - 6 months if properly maintained. Flat Ring-On Hair Extensions are available in all SeiSeta &  Euro So.Cap. Colours, in packs of 10 pcs and in two different lengths: 16/18 and 20/22 inches. They can be applied in a very simple and fast way, thanks to the Aluminium Coloured Rings (RM), Loop Tool (PM23) and the Assembly / Disassembly Tool (PM21).

Weft Hair (Sew-In) Extension Line
Capta Weft Hair (Sew-In) Extension Line is 100 % Remy Natural Indian Temple Hair held together by a thin ultra-resistant machine sewed double weft thread that allows the applications to be almost imperceptible and minimizes shedding from the weft. Capta Weft Hair Extensions are available in the color 1B/2/4/6/8/10/12/14/20/24/27/32/35/530/130/1001/1002/1006/DB2/DB3/DB4/140/4-14/6-27/12-DB2/18-24/27-140/4-14SHA/6-27SHA/8-DB4SHA/10-20SHA, in packages of(100gr)3.5 oz., in the lengths: 16-18 and 20-22 inches. comes in two distinctive textures straight for a slick finish and Curly for a more natural look with lots of volume.

Virgin Weft (Sew-In) Hair Extension Line
The Brazilian Weft (Sew-In) Hair Extension Line is made of 100% natural Virgin Brazilian Hair quality, not chemically treated, as to preserve it’s original structure and color. The Brazilian Line Hair is available only in the natural native colors: brown and dark brown, in packages of 100 gr (3.5 oz) and in lengths of: 8/10, 14/18, 20/22 and 24/26 inches.

Bellissima Full Kit 7+1 pcs Clip-Ins Available in 16-18" + 20-22" 100 gr/ 3.5oz Natural Hair 
Kit Bellissima includes 7 +1 pieces of natural hair with clips, available in lengths 16-18" + 20-22"
1 wide piece of 4.5 inches with 3 clips for the nape section
1 wide piece of 7.5 inches with 4 clips for the occipital section
1 wide piece of 6. inches with 4 clips for the high occipital section
2 wide pieces of 3.5 inches with 2 clips for the high lateral section
2 wide pieces of 1.6 inches with 1 clip for the low lateral section
1 wide pieces of 1. inches with clip for the front top side section
Available in 23 colors                                    
Reg Colors 1B+2+4+6+8+10+12+14+20+32+DB2+DB3+1001+1002+1004
HighLight Colors  140+4/14+18/24+12/DB2+27/140
Shatush (Ombre) Colors 4/14+6/27+8/DB4+10/20


Invisible (Clip-In) Hair Extension Line

Invisible Hair Extension Line consists of parallel sections of hair that make the application absolutely invisible and allow effects of volume, length and color, directly from the root. Its structure in flexible keratin with 3 clips, perfectly fits to the curves of the head; for a simple, comfortable and fast application. It can be applied both on and under your hair.
The Invisible is available in a single package, in the length of 20/22 inches and available in the following Invisible colors:1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 17, 20, 1001, DB2, DB2/12, 6/27B, 10/20B, 8/24, 1B/Red Violet, 1B/Violet, 1B/Blue, 4/Red Violet, 4/Violet, 4/Blue, 20/Red Violet, 20/Violet, 20/Blue, Violet/Red Violet, Blue, Red Violet, Violet, Shatush 1B/530, Shatush 4/14, Shatush 6/27, Shatush 8/DB4, Shatush 10/20 and Shatush DB4/1001.